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What can you do if you are an out of state driver who is arrested for DUI in Sarasota, Florida? If you or someone you know has been arrested for drunk driving, but you reside in another state, you likely have numerous questions about what to do. Will you have to appear in court? Will your home state suspend your driver’s license?

A Sarasota DUI attorney at Finebloom & Haenel can answer all of your questions and inform you of your options at this point. When we take on an out of state DUI case, we strive to make it as painless and simple as possible for our client. We will work to ensure that your presence is not needed in court and can also address such issues as the suspension of your driving privileges.

How an Out of State DUI Can Affect You

Florida is a member of the Non-Resident Violator’s Compact, an agreement that requires the input of information regarding driving-related offenses into the National Driver’s Registry. What this means is that your home state will be notified of your Sarasota DUI offense. Your home state will then be able to assess points or suspend your driver’s license. While Florida courts do not have the authority to suspend your actual driver’s license, they do have the authority to suspend or revoke your driving privileges in Florida. You may also face criminal penalties if you are convicted of DUI in Florida. This could include imprisonment, heavy fines and more.

Do not delay in contacting a lawyer regarding your out of state DUI offense. You will need immediate legal representation from a skilled law firm based in Florida to fight your Sarasota DUI charges. Our skilled lawyers can defend you against the suspension of your driving privileges and during all criminal court proceedings as well.

Out of state DUI? Contact a Sarasota DUI lawyer at Finebloom & Haenel today.

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